Turn your beer bottles into glass cups! (5 easy steps)

Glassware can get pretty expensive especially if you’re in college and always getting sh*t faced and breaking your glasses. Start just using your empty beer bottles and turning them into your new glasses.  Look dope, easy to make and cheap! Follow these 5 easy steps.

  • Tiffany

    This sorta worked for me. The glass broke near the “string” (I used thin yarn) but unevenly. More annoying was it had two cracks running down the bottle on each side of it. I think it would’ve worked better, at least avoiding the two cracks, had I used like room temp water.

  • smithy

    This didn’t work for me :(

    • sandbag747

      It didn’t work for me either don’t feel bad. What kind of bottle were you using? I was using a mexican coke bottle, could’ve been too thick